The programme consortium comprises


1) An interdisciplinary team of academics from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University, and Chalmers, in collaboration with academics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Luleå Technical University, Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and Statistics Sweden;


2) large and small companies in the sectors of food (ICA, Oatly, Food for Progress, and Max), furnishing (IKEA, Hemtex, Retuna) and tourism (Stena Line, Vingresor, the West Sweden Tourist Board, Visita, Centralens Resebutik);


3) public authorities at the local level (Lund, Malmö, Gothenburg), regional level (Västra Götaland,) and national level (Swedish Consumer Agency, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and National Food Agency);


4) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Swedish Tourist Association, National Museums of World Culture); and


5) The media cooperative Camino.