Sweden’s largest research program on sustainable consumption

A research program that aims to stimulate a transition to more sustainable consumption in Sweden. The goal is to contribute to change through increased knowledge of how sustainable consumption that is currently practiced by a few can be scaled up and become more common. The focus is on the areas of food, holidays and home decor.

The program has been going since 2018 and has now gone into its second phase which is 2022-2025.

Some of our research results


This can make us start renting our home interior

Out of the ten million tons of furniture that is thrown away in the EU every year, 80-90% is burned or put on landfills. A new study examines the role of marketing in preventing this. The need to extend the lifetime of home furnishings and reduce the number of new...

If we eat more climate friendly foods we can gain 1 200 000 life years

If the Swedish population switched 50% of all red meat and charcuterie to vegetables and  legumes we could we could gain 540 000 life years over a period of 20 years. That is equal to half a million people living one year longer than they otherwise would have. After...

How to make sustainable consumption mainstream

A new report presents 62 enablers, that might stimulate a more sustainable consumption. It contains everything from demanding repairable products, introducing flight rights to taxing unsustainable food. Even though it takes more than individuals who do well informed...