Sweden’s largest research program on sustainable consumption

A research program that aims to stimulate a transition to more sustainable consumption in Sweden. The goal is to contribute to change through increased knowledge of how sustainable consumption that is currently practiced by a few can be scaled up and become more common. The focus is on the areas of food, holidays and home decor.

The program has been going since 2018 and has now gone into its second phase which is 2022-2025.

Some of our research results


Climate calculators can reduce individual emissions by 10% in the short term

Carbon calculators can help individuals reduce their carbon footprint by 10% according to a recently published research paper. However, this effect appears during the first month of use and then decreases over time.  The Svalna app functions as an advanced climate...

Virtual clothes could contribute to sustainable consumption

The image is AI-generated with Canva. Would you refrain from buying a sweater if you could buy one for your avatar instead? In a recently newly published article, Matthias Lehner, Jessika Richer and Oksana Mont at Lund University explore the impact of digitalization...

Consumption-Based Climate Targets Can Open Up for New Policy Instruments

New research indicates that with consumption-based climate targets and new policy instruments, the emissions associated with goods and services consumed in Sweden can be reduced, even if they occur abroad. There is currently a discussion about Sweden’s territorially...