Sweden’s largest research program on sustainable consumption

A research program that aims to stimulate a transition to more sustainable consumption in Sweden. The goal is to contribute to change through increased knowledge of how sustainable consumption that is currently practiced by a few can be scaled up and become more common. The focus is on the areas of food, holidays and home decor.

The program has been going since 2018 and has now gone into its second phase which is 2022-2025.

Some of our research results


Webinar: A Radically New Consumption – What Could Climate Commitments Imply?

Sweden may become the first country in the world to have a consumption-based climate target. This would include emissions both in Sweden and abroad that are caused by Swedish consumption. But what kind of consumption is compatible with climate commitments? What will...

New report: five policy instruments that can lead away from the throwaway society

Sweden has taken the lead in many environmental policy areas, but when it comes to the consumption of "gadgets", we are lagging behind. So what could politicians do to speed up the transition to sustainable consumption? A new study reveals five promising ideas.  The...

Libraries of Things – and other Models for Sustainable Home Furnishing

Inspirational presentation and panel with researchers and practitioners on new sustainable models for buying, sharing, owning, renting, and fixing the things in our homes. Presenting four years of research from Mistra Sustainable consumption on how more sustainable...