Sweden’s largest research program on sustainable consumption

A research program that aims to stimulate a transition to more sustainable consumption in Sweden. The goal is to contribute to change through increased knowledge of how sustainable consumption that is currently practiced by a few can be scaled up and become more common. The focus is on the areas of food, holidays and home decor.

The program has been going since 2018 and has now gone into its second phase which is 2022-2025.

Some of our research results


A simple nudge can sell 140 000 more vegetarian meals per year

Tommy Reinholdsson, doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg, has, together with researchers from GU and KTH, investigated the effects of nudging to increase people's attention to a particular alternative. They are looking into whether hamburger restaurant Max...

Traders need to look beyond the individual to become more sustainable

Our eating has a major impact on the environment and the climate so sustainable ways of eating need to become the norm. – Traders are trapped in the current system, says Vishal Parekh, doctoral student at KTH. Vishal Parekh, doctoral student at KTH, and Åsa Svenfelt,...

Why unused clothes and electronics worth billions are destroyed every year

Product destruction refers to when companies get rid of products that are fully functional, often fresh from the factory. Researchers have now investigated why this happens and what can be done about it. The research results are recently published in an article by...