Background to (un)sustainable holidays

Since the start of mass tourism in the 1960s, the number of tourists in the world has increased sharply. From being an activity for the rich, holidays today are taken for granted by many in the growing middle class around the world. The growth of tourism has brought economic development and positive social and cultural exchanges, but at the same time tourism contributes to many sustainability problems from an ecological, economic and social perspective. These include, for example, the release of contaminated water, rubbish, the exploitation of attractive landscapes, a reduction in the number of local residents, deforestation from exploitation, over-exploitation of fresh water resources, prostitution, displacement of local populations and greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gas emissions from tourism are a serious problem. Most of the greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the long-distance flights that are a central part of today’s tourism.

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Emissions from aviation are increasing and the Swedish population’s flying causes as much climate impact as all car traffic in Sweden. About a fifth of these are business trips, while about four-fifths are private travel, mainly in the form of holiday travel.


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