Thinking about going on a road trip and camping this summer? Or taking the train to Berlin and staying in a hotel? Now it’s easier to compare vacation options based on their climate impact.

On, travelers can compare and assess the climate impact of various vacation choices. The site, which is research-based and non-profit, has helped approximately 670,000 users make informed vacation decisions since its launch in 2018. Just in time for summer, the updated, fourth version is now available.

New features and emission figures
The new version includes the latest emission figures and more fuel options. For car trips, the calculations now also include emissions from the car’s production, such as battery manufacturing, making comparisons between electric cars and fossil fuel cars fairer. There is also a focus on user interaction with features like newsletter subscriptions and a comments section where users can share their own climate-smart travel tips.

Trains Best in Most Cases
It is well known that air travel has a significant climate impact, but emissions vary considerably depending on the destination, type of accommodation, and vacation activities. The same applies to electric cars, where the degree of emission reduction can vary depending on where in Europe the car is charged. The Methodology Report provides more details on the various emission factors that form the basis of the vacation calculator.

– Trains in Scandinavia are the best, but an electric car road trip is almost as good when you can rent an electric car. If you’re traveling abroad, trains or Tesla are two good options, says Jörgen Larsson, one of the researchers behind the site, in an interview with the magazine Ingenjören.

The new version was launched on May 27, 2024.

Thelma Åberg