Board members

Chair: Jan Bertoft, former Secretary General at the umbrella NGO The Swedish Consumer’s Association (Sveriges konsumenter) and board member of BEUC – The European Consumer Organization with 45 member organizations in 31 countries. Bertoft has worked with consumer issues for several decades, as press secretary at the Swedish Consumer Agency, as editor-in-chief of the consumer magazine Råd & Rön.

Eva Ahlner, is an expert and advisor in sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency and circular economy at the the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Katarina Eckerberg, professor emerita in political science Umeå university. Her expertise comprises environmental, climate and natural resource policy and politics at global, national and local level.

Robert Höglund, initiator and coordinator of the Climate goal initiative, a network that gathers 22 civil society organisations in Sweden. Höglund works as Head of communications for Oxfam in Sweden and also coordinator of the Swedish idea-network Steg 3 (Step 3), focusing on sustainability and economic growth.

Åsa Persson, Chair Swedish Climate Plicy Council, Research Director and Deputy Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute and Adjunct Associate Professor at Linköping University. Her research focuses on policy integration and coherence for sustainable development and is a lead author of the 2023 UN Global Sustainable Development Report.

Maria Sandow, worked as an expert at the Policy Department of Svensk Handel, the Swedish Trade Federation. She has worked as head of the section for shoes, fashion and textiles (Svensk Handel Stil) for many years and is also focusing on sustainability issues.

Malin Lindgren is co-opted member representing Mistra.