Inspirational presentation and panel with researchers and practitioners on new sustainable models for buying, sharing, owning, renting, and fixing the things in our homes. Presenting four years of research from Mistra Sustainable consumption on how more sustainable “niche practices” of home furnishing can be scaled up and become mainstream. The event is organized together with Circle Centre Lund April 25th 2022.

This is an open event at Lunds Stadsbibliotek (Atriumgården). No registration is required, arrive early if you want to secure a seat. Presentations will be held in English.

Introductory presentation on the program for the evening and Mistra Sustainable Consumption  
(Moderator, Erica-Dawn Egan).

Key points on sustainable furnishing practices and potential environmental benefits
Question: What are the possible sustainable practices of furnishing, and what environmental benefits can change to sustainable furnishing practices entail?
(Oksana Mont, professor Lund University)

“Sustainable business models”
Question: “Selling, Sharing, renting, repairing … what will the next generation of successful businesses earn their money with?”
(Heather Schoonover PHD Lund University, Matthias Lehner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund university)

“Civil society models and strategies”  
Question: how can the civil society organize models for sharing, repairs and second-hand?
(10 minutes Mikael Klintman, professor sociology, Lund university)

Question: How does Circle Centre Lund organize the library of goods and how is the operation planned to be scaled-up?
(10 minutes, Alici Iannitelli and Fabio Cavaliere, Circle Centre Lund)

“Scaling down mass consumption”
Question: What is sufficiency and how can it help reduce the environmental impacts from consumption goods?
(Ola Persson, PhD candidate, KTH).

“Scaling up the circular economy – panel discussion”
Question: How can the discussed models be scaled up and become mainstream?
(Fabio Cavaliere, Circle Centre Lund), (Oksana Mont, professor Lund University), (Peter Abrahamsson Lindeblad, INGKA Services – IKEA’s retail organisation).