A new report presents 62 enablers, that might stimulate a more sustainable consumption. It contains everything from demanding repairable products, introducing flight rights to taxing unsustainable food.

Even though it takes more than individuals who do well informed decisions to create sustainable consumption, discussions on the topic often ends up being about consumer power. Mistra Sustainable Consumption’s research have had another focus, where many so called enablers  have been identified affecting the supply instead of our consumption choices.

“Reconsider what a good life is”
We need to create conditions which makes it easier to consume more sustainably and in a way that benefits our social needs as human beings, the report says.

– If we can reconsider what creates welfare and what a good life is, then hopefully it can lead to less focus on consumption and production of non-sustainable products, Åsa Svenfelt, docent at KTH and the author of the report says.

Do you have a favourite enabler?
– If I have to choose one then I believe a lot in ”steering toward alternative welfare measures”, that is letting other indicators than the ones measuring economical activity, steer the decision making, Åsa Svenfelt says.

The report is supposed to be an inspiration and a tool box for politicians, civil society and decision makers who want to steer towards sustainable consumption. It is also a sort of conclusion of the first four years of the research program.

Read the whole report ”62 ways of enabling sustainable consumption” here.

Isabel Nilsson Alarcon

Åsa Svenfelt, docent, KTH
+46 8 790 8818