Approaches to sustainable business often assume that companies can profit from protecting the environment and supporting the wider community. However, there is a discussion today that businesses’ pursuit of profit frequently has negative impacts on society and the environment, such as contributing to inequality and climate change.

This webinar aims to uncover the tensions between profit and sustainability, and discuss how to address these tensions for a more sustainable future. The panel consists of researchers and business representatives that have a wide range of knowledge and experience with the challenges and synergies between profit and sustainability.

In the panel:
Anselm Schneider is a senior lecture at Stockholm Business School, interested in the role of business in sustainable development.
Eva Svensson, a senior adviser at ReTuna, with a background and interest in how businesses can foster reuse and recycle.
Johan Rindevall, operations manager at Stockholms Stadmission. Previously acting manager for all of its social enterprises.

Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Hinton, a systems researcher and activist in the field of sustainable economy. Her work focuses on how societies relate to profit and how this relationship affects global sustainability challenges.

The webinar was recorded June 11th 2021. It is arranged by Ola Persson, PHD canidate at KTH and Jennifer Hinton.