IMAGE: Part of Hillevi Cecilia Högströms piece.


Mistra Sustainable Consumption, together with Virserums Art Gallery and the artists Hillevi Cecilia Högström, Finn Ahlgren, and Lars Noväng, have created an exhibition on sustainable consumption and the role of consumption in the future.

What does sustainable consumption look like? Does it exist? Can consumption be sustainable? We live in a society where consumption is the engine of the economy; how can we truly change this behavior? Every part of society has a role to question this pattern of behavior. In this collaboration, art and science come together with a focus on today’s unsustainable consumption.

The exhibition is called “Medan vi faller” (As We Fall) and opened on April 20th at Virserums Art Gallery in Virserum, Sweden.
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Åsa Svenfelt
Associate Professor, Centre for Municipality Studies, CKS, Linköping University, Sweden