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Roberts, Hedda; Milios, Leonidas; Mont, Oksana; Dalhammar, Carl

Product destruction: Exploring unsustainable production-consumption systems and appropriate policy responses Journal Article

In: Sustainable Production and Consumption, vol. 35, pp. 300-312, 2022.

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Schoonover, Heather

Business Models for Sustainable Consumption - Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Rental and Reuse of Home Furnishings PhD Thesis

2022, ISBN: 978-91-87357-79-4.

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Mont, Oksana; Lehner, Matthias; Dalhammar, Carl

Sustainable consumption through policy intervention—A review of research themes Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Sustainability, 2022.

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Persson, Ola

Scaling sufficiency - Towards less material consumption PhD Thesis

2022, ISBN: 978-91-8040-312-2.

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Svenfelt, Åsa; Engström, Eskil; Vaughan, Hanna Eggestrand; Gerdin, Emma

62 sätt att möjliggöra hållbar konsumtion Technical Report

2022, ISBN: 978-91-8040-202-6.

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Bradley, Karin; Persson, Ola

Community repair in the circular economy – fixing more than stuff Journal Article

In: Local Environment, 2022.

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