Against the background of a planetary emergency and the lack of empirical evidence for absolute decoupling of GDP growth from resource consumption the lecture makes a case for degrowth.

It addresses the complexity of degrowth transformations and suggests ways to theorise and empirically study these with focus on the state and power relations. Empirically, the lecture draws on recent quantitative survey and qualitative deliberative forum data from Sweden.

Max Koch is professor of Social Policy and Sustainability at the School of Social Work, Lund University. He is a sociologist and his research explores how political and economic restructuring is reflected in social structures and the environment. Professor Koch has also increasingly addressed and published on degrowth and sustainable welfare in relation to transformation and socio-ecological sustainability.
MODERATOR: Åsa Svenfelt, Linköping University and Mistra Sustainable Consumption
The lecture is given within the lecture series: Power in sustainability transitions. The target audience for the series is researchers and PhD-students. The series will highlight different perspectives of power dynamics in sustainability transitions. The series is organized by Mistra Sustainable Consumption, in collaboration the Department of Technology and Social Change and Centre for Local Government Studies – CKS, at Linköping University.
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